Gi60 2015

Gi60 2015 Submission Deadline April 1st

Gi60 UK LIVE: 05 May 2015 (stage@leeds, Leeds)
Gi60 US LIVE: 11 - 13 June (Brooklyn College, New York)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Gi60 New Zealand Live Stream Address

The address for Live Stream of Gi60 NZ is: - please also visit Gi60 Facebook page for additional information and a clear breakdown of "time zones"!  Bravo and brava to the wonderful creative team at Hagley Theatre School in Christchurch, NZ - please share the link, and enjoy!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Gi60 New Zealand Announces Play Selection!

Gi60 is proud to welcome Gi60 New Zealand, produced and directed by Cameron Mattox and Darryl Low, and performed by the students of the Hagley Theatre School of Christchurch, New Zealand. Performances are being held on Thursday July 30, Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1 at 7:30 pm - stay tuned to this blog and to the Gi60 FB page for live stream information! The plays are:

1 Wrong Side of Life     Jordan McGillivray 
2 Sick Day      Auryn Denovan-Stroud 
3 What?       Mitch Fowler 
4 Communications ABCs    Beth Alexander 
5 The Light Was So Bright    Mitch Fowler 
6 Turbulance      Rhiannon McCall 
7 This Isn’t Living     Mitch Fowler 
8 What About a Refund    Daniel Heaphy 
9 Smoking, Not Our Future. Kinda   Mitch Fowler 
10 Mum Tatt      Geordie Lauder 
11 Couple’s Tennis     Emily Hurley 
12 Syphilis is Syphilis     Mitch Fowler 
13 Wouldn’t It Be Nice?    Geordie Lauder 
14 Diamonds Are For Now    Darryl Low 
15 Salad Bowl      Bridie Sisson 
16 Eat Your Heart Out     Mitch Fowler 
17 The Bank Robber Virgin    Erica Hyde 
18 Mind Your Manners     Geordie Lauder 
19 No       Natarleya Twose 
20 First Day      Auryn Denovan-Stroud 
21 Phoney Feelings     Daniel Heaphy 
22 So Gifted, In Most Aspects    Mitch Fowler 
23 Junior Doctor      Alyse Verstraten 
24 War Games      Emily Hurley 
25 The Furry Ones     Don Puglisi (USA) 
26 Aloe, Aloe      Mitch Fowler 
27 Different Sides     Jordan McGillivray 
28 A Low Status Love Scene    Beth Alexander 
29 Banana Trials      Emily Hurley 
30 First Date      Jordan McGillivray 
31 Baby Shower      Mitch Fowler 
32 First Hit      Beth Alexander 
33 Where Are You?     Faith de Savigne (AUS) 
34 Lego Houses and Pretty Girls   Mitch Fowler 
35 Assumptions      Jordan McGillivray 
36 Drug Bust      Mitch Fowler 
37 Another Bus Stop One    Beth Alexander 
38 Bingeing      Emily Hurley 
39 Fluffy Bum is Dead     Rhiannon McCall 
40 Blow Yer Nose Traveller    Mitch Fowler 
41 Unrequited      Emily Hurley 
42 The Moment      Jordan McGillivray 
43 Surprising the Party Guests   Rhea MacCallum (USA) 
44 The Entire Relationship Arc of Every  Mitch Fowler           Romantic Comedy, in 60 seconds       
45 Monkey Bay      Emily Hurley 
46 Elevator      Mitch Fowler
 47 Letting It Go      Jordan McGillivray 
48 Time Out      Erica Thompson (USA) 
49 The Tudorflies     Auryn Denovan-Stroud 
50 The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You  Emily Hurley 
51 Beep Beep Beepe     Mitch Fowler 
52 Telepathy      Emily Hurley 
53 Scene       Mitch Fowler 
54 Girls Can’t Rap     Mackenzie Burrows and         Rhiannon McCall 
55 The Visit      Sandra Hosking (USA)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Announcing the Recipients for the Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award 2015

Shomari Pinnock is about to start his third and final year as a BFA Acting student at Brooklyn College. In the past he has enjoyed taking part in Brooklyn College productions both on and off the stage. In the fall he will be performing his thesis role in Paula Vogel's The Baltimore Waltz alongside fellow Gi60 Collaboration scholarship recipient Alexandra Slater, directed by Noel MacDuffie. Shomari is grateful to receive this award and is excited to put it to good use in the coming semester.

Announcing the Three Recipients of the Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award 2015

Mildred Jones-Hamm, originally from Michigan, attends Brooklyn College and is in the BFA Acting Program in the Department of Theater. Mildred is an avid lover of all things creative, but acting of course is her first love.  Mildred uses theater as her vehicle of choice on the journey of creating change in the world.

Announcing the Three Recipients of the Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award 2015

Alexandra Slater is extremely honored and excited to be one of the recipients of this year's Gi60 US/UK Collaboration Award (and especially to be receiving it along with two of her ensemble members!). She is entering her third and final year in the BFA Acting Program at Brooklyn College and is about to begin rehearsals for Paula Vogel's The Baltimore Waltz directed by Noel MacDuffie. She would like to thank the Gi60 team, her Brooklyn College peers and her ensemble for this award.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Gi60 Featured on National Public Radio

Gi60: The International One Minute Play Festival is thrilled to have been featured on National Public Radio's The Takeaway with John Hockenberry on their June 11 program. To hear the interview with Gi60 Live US Edition's director and producer Rose Bonczek, please click on the link below:

Two more performances of Gi60 Live US - Friday June 12 and Saturday June 13 at 8:00 pm! Advance purchase strongly recommended!

But Wait!! There's More! Gi60 #NextGen performing Saturday June 13!

Gi60:The International One Minute Play Festival is proud to continue its partnership with Brooklyn's wonderful acting school, Acting Out! in hosting Gi60 #NextGen - featuring their incredibly talented acting company aged 11-15, performing a different set of 25 one minute plays on Saturday, June 13 at 2:00 pm in the New Workshop Theater!  Help us celebrate and support the next generation of storytellers!  For tickets, please call 718-951-4500, or visit the same ticket link for Gi60 Live US Edition!

There are two more performance for Gi60 Live US - Friday June 12 at 8:00 pm, and Saturday June 13 at 8:00 pm - 50 plays in 50 minutes! Performed live, and live streamed! See this site for link addresses.

Gi60: The Full History

Gi60: a One Minute History Gi60: The One Minute Play Festival was created by Steve Ansell, artistic director of ScreamingMediaProductions in 2003. At that time Steve was the Associate Director and head of New Writing at Harrogate Theatre, North Yorkshire, UK. Steve was curating a writing festival and looking for ways to offer more opportunity for writers to have their work staged. The idea of staging a one minute play festival was actually thanks to Christopher Durang and his anthology 27 Short Plays which contains a play titled 'One Minute Play' which Durang was commissioned to write for a one minute play festival. His play actually lasts over two minutes as he found the parameters limiting. It was for this reason that the first Gi60 was actually a two minute play festival called 120 Seconds which was presented as part of the 2003 Harrogate Theatre Write On festival. 120 Seconds was a huge success with both writers and audiences and so in 2004, enthused by the reaction to 120 seconds the first 'Gone In Sixty Seconds' (Gi60) was presented. Almost 90 one minute plays were performed in two separate shows, one show for family audiences and one for more adult themed material. Once again the shows were a huge success with extra performances hastily arranged as the studio space housing the event couldn't accommodate the audience numbers.

Although the 2004 show was very successful it had become clear that a single show with fewer plays would be more manageable, however, a reduction in the number of shows would have meant less opportunities for writers. With this in mind and inspired by his own phones ability to shoot about one minute of video, Steve approached long time colleague and fellow Director Rose Burnett Bonczek at Brooklyn College in New York to see if she would host a New York One Minute Play festival under the Gi60 name and record the entire event on Video. The plan would be to each present 50 one minute plays, record them and then upload them to a website for viewing and download by writers, friends, family and the general public.

Both shows were a massive success and both were recorded. A site and domain name were purchased and software uploaded (beating the official launch of You Tube by five months). Over the years we have undergone a number of changes. The UK show moved from the Harrogate Theatre studio to the Theatres main stage and is now has its home at The Viaduct Theatre in Halifax where Steve is an associate artist. In 2008 we moved the Gi60 Archive to You Tube and the Gi60 channel has received over 20,000 hits since that time. In 2010 we hosted our first themed Gi60 as part of the Halifax Ghost Story Festival 'G(hosts)i60', this was also notable as it was the first time that both Steve and Rose had directed together and featured a cast drawn from both UK and US actors.

Gi60 is always evolving and their have been a number of things have changed since the first International Gi60 in 2005, however, the key elements that make Gi60 so distinctive, successful and emulated remain the same.

· Gi60 is open to anybody, of any age and from anywhere

· Gi60 is free to enter and there is no fee for participating

· All our cast, crew and supporters give their time voluntarily

· All plays are recorded and made available on line

· Copyright remains with the author

· Plays can be about any subject as long as they are original

We are extremely proud of the Gi60 format and the creative community of writers, performers and artists that has grown up around the event. The fact that so many other one minute festivals using the Gi60 format have sprung up in recent years is fantastic news for writers and further proof of the popularity of the one minute form and the effectiveness of the Gi60 format.